Health Tent

Open Tuesday and Wednesday

The PWDCA encourages all PWD owners to participate in the health testing of their dogs. Please read this section carefully.

The Health Tent will facilitate four health tests at discounted prices. The HEALTH TENT will be open on Tuesday and Wednesday after Classes. The Eye Clinic will be on Tuesday only.

There are advance steps (including payment) that may be required before you arrive in September.

First, use the PWDCA website to navigate to the various health testing websites prior to the Specialty and sign up for the tests you want to complete at the Health Tent. Payments for the tests with discounts may be made by credit card online at the individual testing websites.

Next, download your paperwork showing payments for the tests you requested and bring these receipts to the Health Tent.

Finally, pre-register on the Events Form for the tests you have requested so that the Health Tent is prepared with cheek swabs, kits, forms, etc.

This pre-registration is important and a change from recent years.

Health Tent Chair Heather Shilo can help with your questions.

Optigen 20-20 Tests/supplies

OptiGen 20-20 offers three gene tests for PWDs: PRA-prcd, GM-1 and improper coat (IC).

The CODE for the discount is: PWDCA2017 and is available from 9/1/2017-9/16/2017.

If you order all three tests on one dog, your price will be $192.50.

If you are not ordering online, Optigen has provided a bundled test form that can be downloaded HERE and emailed to Heather Shilo or brought to the Specialty. Note the letter references blood testing; we are doing buccal swabs instead which can be ordered on the Events Form. You should contact Optigen to determine the final price of your tests and bring a check in that amount to the Health Tent.

We encourage everyone to order on-line with the discount CODE above.

For 1 test: take 20% off that test, plus another 5% if ordered online. For 2 tests: take $10 off the top of each of the 2 tests, then another 20% off the total of the 2 tests, plus 5% if ordered online.

If not completed on-line, there is 5% less discount and you must bring a check for the correct amount and either a filled out OptiGen request form or fill out a form at the Health Tent.

Be sure to have your dog's Registered Name, AKC registration #, DOB, Microchip ID#/Tattoo # for each dog and order Optigen swabs on the Events Form.

JDCM Tests/Supplies

The JDCM test is being offered at special UPENN rate of $150. Visit their website to pay and sign up for an account and bring a copy of your printed form and receipt to the Health Tent. Hand-written forms are no longer accepted. JDCM swabs can be ordered on the Events Form.


The AKC DNA test will be available at a special rate of $20 per dog and can be ordered on the Events Form. Note: The PWDCA will pay the other $20.00.

Make sure to have your dog's Registered Name, AKC #, DOB, Microchip# /Tattoo # for each dog.

Eye Clinic - Tuesday, Sept 12 ONLY

OFA/CAER eye exams will be done by Dr. Marjorie Neaderland on Tuesday, 9/12/2017 between 2:00PM and 5:00PM. Cost is $35 per dog.

Sign up via the Events Form and be sure to fill out the Eye Clinic form indicated there so we can fill in your CAER forms for Dr. Neaderland.